Mori Girl Inspired Top

Recently I have been trying to change up my style.  My body has been going through some changes, and it was time to start dressing the body I have, not the body I used to have. I have always been drawn to the unusual.  I like to sing, dance and march to the beat of my own drummer type thing. So, if you would like to come along with me on this exploration of a "new look" read on! A short explanation of Mori fashion.  The goal for this type of look is to basically dress like you are going for a nice long walk in the forest.  Imagine Radagast the Brown from the Hobbit  minus the bird poo only chic and feminine.  This style relies on natural fibers, patterns, ruffles and lots and lots of layers with an emphasis on nature and sustainability.   I know, that's a lot of rules, right?  If rules are made, I can break them.  Let's see what shapes up from this little experiment.   I started with the pattern.  Where better to look for a pattern made from natural fabrics than a sto
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